Friday, September 27, 2019

Pick your Child's Story

You can make a lifelong impact on a child by reading a story that captures his interest and attention.  Based on the success of Reading Partners students more than double their rate of reading progress while in the program reading with a partner.

Here is Ramona's story:

It was around 1964, when I enrolled my five year old son, John, into the Summer Reading Program through Decker Library.

I believe the Librarian said the program was asking for twenty books to be read. I asked her if my five year old could join. She said, since he could not read yet, I could read the required books to him. We joined, and she gave us a form to fill out to bring it at the end of Summer.

John and I picked out five books. He sat next to me looking at the pictures, while I pointed to each word. I let him choose which book to read first. Sometimes he wanted the same book to be read again. He liked the way I changed my voice for each character. We continued this every day and at bedtime too.

When the Program was complete, we took the last of the five books, and the completed form back to the library. The Librarian called out to a man (a man I did not notice) saying another boy had completed the Summer Reading Program.

He asked my son if he had read all the books. Before he or I could answer, the Librarian said he qualified because I, his, mother, could read the books to him since he could not read yet.

The man asked my son to stand next to the boy, then he took their picture and it was in the newspaper the next day. I believe it was the Denver Post. I cut the photo out and gave it to John when he had his son.

Shortly after that, I took John to meet his Kindergarten teacher. Miss Von Barton. She asked me if he could read, and I said just a little. She had a big Dick and Jane book, John sat on the floor and pointed to the words on the page, and began reading the two to three words. We were both impressed by how much he knew!

Let Ramona help you pick the right book for your child. Don't have the time to make this big difference in your child's life, start now by blogging Ramona by Clicking on comments to reach Ramona, but if you don't have a gmail account, Email her at

Use your cell phone to communicate. Start from Spanish to English if this is where your child is at.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Reading Express

The Reading Express with the OK Reading Book gets your young reader on the fast track to getting the basics of reading and math in an effective yet fun and easy manner.  Read more about it at  Blog there with nutritional experts and get helps for Brain Health. This is an ideal guide for homeschoolers, parents and other mentors.  The combination of methods presented helps deter dyslexia.